Vaginal pH Test Strips

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  • Early Detection & Prevention - Proactive monitoring helps you determine your best course of action. Abnormal symptoms and high pH levels could indicate your need for a bacterial vaginosis treatment, or a UTI test. This may mean it's time to visit your doctor. Normal pH levels coupled with itching, irritation, or discharge could indicate the need for a yeast infection test and possible OTC treatments. In any case, pH balance for women is an important indicator of overall wellness.
  • Reliable & Accurate - You'll appreciate the convenience of our 10 individually sealed, professional grade pH balance test strips for women. Consistently reliable & accurate results with our air tight cap, moisture absorbers, and sealed aluminum pouch for triple protection. It's not an STD testing kit for women, but it is an excellent vaginal pH test that can serve as an initial yeast infection test kit for women or UTI test strips, so you can share the results with your healthcare provider.
  • Quick & Easy to Interpret - Our pH strips for women are easy to use and provide quick results. Simply match the resulting color of the test pad on our pH balance strips to the included color chart. The color chart is large and clearly printed on both the box and the bottle. With one of our vaginal pH strips, you'll be able to correctly determine your course of action and feel better about your decisions.
  • Knowledge is Power - A vaginal health test can put your mind at ease and help you know when to seek medical advice and when to give OTCs a try. pHresh's test strips give you your vaginal pH balance in less than a minute, and with this information, you can instantly begin the healing process with valid information.
  • Safe, Discrete, & Effective - Our pH balance kit for women is completely safe. Each strip is individually wrapped for protection and can be conveniently carried with you to test alkaline and acidity levels of vaginal secretions. Knowing your pH levels could indicate the presence or absence of a vaginal yeast infection and tell you if you need a further bacterial vaginosis test at your doctor's office. A safe & effective method for monitoring your health & well-being.